Calling all heroes from all realms!

The Pyramid of Lamashtu awaits you…


Sultan Ahmad ibn Tihir ibn Terahni, ruler of the four corner of this land, has requested assistance, and he does not do this lightly. As we all know, the ancients of this land created marvels that astound us to this day. From the Statue of Erastil in the frigid north of the WhiteBeards to the Temples of Sarenrae in the land of the West we have marveled at what our predecessors have made.

In the land where Sultan Ahmad ibn Tihir ibn Terahni rules there is a sinister pyramid that stalks our skies. Until recently it has laid dormant and dead, yet recent activity leads us to believe that somehow it is alive. We have sent our best and brightest into the Pyramid of Lamashtu but only their bones are spit back out. We have given a bounty of 100,000 gold to any group of heroes in Golarion who can stop this evil from growing.

If your bones are spit back out, the Sultan Ahmad ibn Tihir ibn Terahni will generously provide a heroes burial near the Royal Catacombs (based on availability).

To apply for this glorious journey please assemble at The Inn at the Rivera. We expect many heroes to come, so if you so choose to bring a partner know that the pyramid only allows for four souls to enter at a time. Any more and you will instantly perish. Any less and you will perish eventually.

Heroes of Rackspace

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